2.0 (Oct 14, 2017)

This is a major new release of pyregion. There are some API changes (listed below), but overall our goal was to keep backwards-compatibility as much as possible while fixing code and installation issues and refactor the internals to use Astropy more.

We note that we are developing a new regions package that is supposed to become a superset of the functionality that is now in pyregion and might be moved in the Astropy core package as astropy.regions in the future. The main difference is that it represents regions as classes and uses Astropy angle and coordinate objects, allowing for easier region-based analysis. It is not feature complete, especially the DS9 region file parser is not a complete replacement for pyregion yet. Still, you are encouraged to try it out ( ), give feedback or even contribute.

For pyregion, the plan is to continue to do bugfixes and releases, but to keep API changes to a minimum to avoid breaking existing scripts or pipelines. If you have any questions or issues or requests, please open an issue in the pyregion issue tracker on Github.

API Changes

  • Removed rot_wrt_axis parameter from ShapeList and internal methods.
  • ShapeList.as_imagecoord no longer accepts a asropy.wcs.WCS object. The conversion from pixel to image coordinates depends on the center of the image defined in in order to agree with DS9.
  • pyregion.ds9_region_parser
    • RegionParser.sky_to_image now calls its first parameter shape_list instead of l.
  • pyregion.extern
    • kapteyn_celestial removed.
  • pyregion.wcs_converter
    • convert_to_imagecoord changed signature with the switch to Astropy and takes a Shape object.
    • convert_physical_to_imagecoord changed signature to accept a Shape object.
  • pyregion.wcs_helper
    • All public methods and constants removed. They are replaced by Astropy, or replaced by private methods.

Other Changes and Additions

  • Astropy is used for all sky to image coordinate conversions. Science results may change, as SIP and distortion paper corrections are now used if present in the FITS file.
  • Headers with more then 2 axes are now supported; only the celestial axes are used.
  • Rotation angles are measured from the Y-axis instead of the X-axis, in order to agree with DS9 and potentially other astronomy software. This is a change from previous behavior, but only affects images with non-orthogonal axes. Previously, this behavior was controlled by the rot_wrt_axis parameter.
  • Astropy 1.0 is now required.
  • Shape conversion for multi-dimenstional HDU does not raise exceptions.
  • Parser supports hex color in attributes

1.2 (Aug 11, 2016)

  • The changelog for this release is incomplete.
  • We’ll start collecting a complete changelog starting after this release.
  • This release brings major changes to the code, docs and test setup, the package was converted to an Astropy affiliated package.
  • There are only a few bugfixes and there should be no changes that break scripts or change results for pyregion users.

1.1.4 (Oct 26, 2014)

1.1 (March 15, 2013)

1.0 (Sep 14, 2010)